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AFCO ELIMINATOR Twin Tube Adjustable Shocks are built specifically for drag racing. Our onboard data acquisition systems help us know what your car is doing every 0.001 of a second. We’ve engineered theELIMINATOR to control it at every point. This gives you, the racer, unsurpassed traction. AFCO DOUBLE Adjustable Shocks are the ultimate tool in the chassis tuner’s arsenal. The DOUBLE adjustments of both compression and rebound damping are completely independent. Changing the setting of one has no effect on the setting of the other. By allowing full control over both compression and rebound forces, this shock gives the tuner the ability to fine tune every aspect of chassis movement to provide the ultimate in acceleration control and overall drivability.

• Widest range of adjustment on the market.

• Make a click and feel the change.

AFCO 3850 Double adjustable

SKU: 3850
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